ADR UN certified bulk bags specifically designed for the transportation of hazardous goods

Product Uses

ADR or UN certified bulk bags are designed for the carriage of hazardous or potentially hazardous substances, goods or materials. As the name suggests these bulk bags have been specially designed and made to comply completely with the recognised UN standards.

Consequently, our ADR bulk bags are suitable for the transportation of a wide range of goods whereby there exists a danger of fire, explosion, chemical burns, toxic contamination or environmental damage.

It is a legal requirement that all ADR or UN certified bulk bags must have been rigorously tested against the required United Nations standards – often referred to as ‘The Orange book’. To pass, our ADR or UN certified bulk bags are tested to confirm their resistant qualities against all standards including accidental dropping, toppling, tearing as well as stability in stacking and self-righting within certain limits.

ADR Certified Bulk Bags

ADR UN Certified Bulk Bag Classifications

ADR  UN Certified bulk bags are classified to differing levels to indicate their suitability for the carriage of various substances. These are:

Class 4.1 - ADR or UN Certified Bulk Bags for flammable solids, self reactive substances and desensitised explosives

Class 4.2 – ADR or UN Certified Bulk Bags for substances which are liable to spontaneous combustion

Class 4.3 – ADR or UN Certified Bulk Bags for substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases

Class 5.1 – ADR or UN Certified Bulk Bags for oxidising substances

Class 5.2 – ADR or UN Certified Bulk Bags for organic peroxides

Class 6.1 – ADR or UN Certified Bulk Bags for toxic substances

Class 8 – ADR or UN Certified Bulk Bags for corrosive substances

Class 9 – ADR or UN Certified Bulk Bags for miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles not covered by any other class above

ADR / UN Certified Bulk Bag Marking

As per Orange book standards the marking on our ADR / UN Certified Bulk Bags are:

  • Durable
  • Legible
  • Readily visible (Letters, symbols and numbers must be at least 12 mm high)

Why choose Cliffe Packaging for your ADR / UN Certified Bulk bag needs?

If your business is involved in transportation of hazardous goods or materials you need an ADR Bulk Bag supplier who you can trust. Cliffe Packaging has built a reputation on producing the very best packaging and transportation materials – including scrupulous manufacturing and thorough testing processes. What’s more, we can custom produce the ADR / UN certified bulk bags you require – including company branding as well as the usual legal markings.

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